Monday, October 5, 2009

A Little Bit About Me…

 Hawaii 249

This is me in Hawaii on a trip I took last summer BY MYSELF…I flew by myself, went on a LOST tour by myself, spent most of my time reading on the beach by myself…

Hawaii 295

Hawaii 073

Don’t I seem so adventurous?  So independent?  Don’t I seem like such a perfect example of a young girl out of college ready to see the world???

Hawaii 217

Actually, these words do not describe me at all.  If I learned one thing in Hawaii, it was this: I’m not as independent as I’d like to appear.  I like the idea of being that heroic independent female in the books that I read…but that’s not me.  If I’m going to save the day, I want a friend to help me.  If I’m going to fly to Hawaii (which scares me to death!) I want the person next to me to be my best friend! …If I learned another thing in Hawaii, it was this: I’m in love with the Midwest.  I love living where the trees change in the fall, where it snows, where it gets super hot in the summer and makes my curly hair huge with humidity.  I love teaching preschool, eating mom’s home-cooked meals each night, and playing with my puppy, Mollie.


This is Mollie…so cute!


And now, almost a year later, I’m getting married!  I must share my love story soon…I’m excited to have my best friend with me on plane trips now.


Yes, life sure is lovely…

P.S. Mollie isn’t so small anymore: