Saturday, May 22, 2010

Favorite Quotes from Pre-K

My Pre-K kids make me laugh every day. It amazes me how funny little kiddos can be! So here are some of the best quotes of the year. Funny quotes are so common that I forget and they come back to me later. So this will probably not be the last post about this.

At Circle Time - Prior to my engagement:
Kid 1: Why aren't you married, Miss Lyndsay?
Me: I'm still really young.
Kid 2: So you're still a teenager?
Me: No, I'm just a young adult. Younger than your parents.
Kid 1: You're still a teenager if you're not married yet, Miss Lyndsay.
Kid 2: Do you have kids?
Me: No, I'm not married yet.
Kid 3: Uh Oh....
Me: What do you mean, Uh Oh?
Kid 3: (With head down ashamed) You should really have kids, Miss Lyndsay. Yeah, you're defintely still a teenager.

While watching Tarzan
Kid 1: Is Tarzan real?
Me: Well, it's just a cartoon movie.
Kid 1: (With legs crossed like a little lady) I really wish Tarzan was my husband.

At Circle Time. A child saw me at Target the night before with my fiance.
Kid 1: Miss Lyndsay, I saw you with your son last night.
Me: (Laughing like crazy) My son? That was my boyfriend! (My fiance is much taller than me!)
Kid 1: (With head down and face red) (Gasp!) Miss Lyndsay's boyfriend...

She repeated this comment over and over throughout the day, completely surprised she had seen me with him. I don't know why, haha. Kids are just funny about stuff.

I gave my kids a final assessment for Pre-K. One task was to write the ABCs. A certain child was doing really well. Then he stopped at K and looked up...thought about it...then looked at me:
"Miss Lyndsay, I forget how to write an eleminopy."
I must not have done my job! He thought L M N O P was all one letter! I tried so hard to keep a serious face when I said, "That's okay! Just move on to the next one."

An ongoing funny thing: No matter what is going on between parents at home, I hear about it. The most interesting comments to hear are, "Daddy slept out on the couch last night" or "Daddy decided to stay at Grandma's for a few days".

More funnies as I think of them!


  1. These are great. I like the one about the eleminopy. Have you read the book LMNO Peas to your class. It is all these peas playing on letters and doing alphabet-y things.

  2. Oh man, those are so cute. Kids crack me up! I used to work in a preschool, and with kindergartners, and now have two preschoolers of my own... LOVE that age!!

    Hey! I've been meaning to share with you, but keep forgetting... if you haven't seen this blog yet, you MUST: Its by a mom with two preschool-aged daughters, and she always has the BEST projects to share! Seriously, look through them. I've been following her blog for over a year and her projects never fail to amaze me.

  3. Thank you so much! I'll check that blog out!

  4. So fun. I love when kids make it so obvious ALL the things they have left to learn. How they absorb it and relate it back sheds so much light on the world.