Friday, May 7, 2010

A Little Bit About Me…

 Hawaii 249

This is me in Hawaii on a trip I took last summer BY MYSELF…I flew by myself, went on a LOST tour by myself, spent most of my time reading on the beach by myself…

Hawaii 295

Hawaii 073

Don’t I seem so adventurous?  So independent?  Don’t I seem like such a perfect example of a young girl out of college ready to see the world???

Hawaii 217

Actually, these words do not describe me at all.  If I learned one thing in Hawaii, it was this: I’m not as independent as I’d like to appear.  I like the idea of being that heroic independent female in the books that I read…but that’s not me.  If I’m going to save the day, I want a friend to help me.  If I’m going to fly to Hawaii (which scares me to death!) I want the person next to me to be my best friend! …If I learned another thing in Hawaii, it was this: I’m in love with the Midwest.  I love living where the trees change in the fall, where it snows, where it gets super hot in the summer and makes my curly hair huge with humidity.  I love teaching preschool, eating mom’s home-cooked meals each night, and playing with my puppy, Mollie.


This is Mollie…so cute!


And now, almost a year later, I’m getting married!  I must share my love story soon…I’m excited to have my best friend with me on plane trips now.


Yes, life sure is lovely…

P.S. Mollie isn’t so small anymore:



  1. Oh wow, you just flew to Hawaii on your own... that is very gutsy! I was always too chicken to do things on my own, until I signed up to study abroad in my last year of college. At first I hated being on my own, but then I met my husband... and now I never have to travel on my own again :) It is much better to travel with a friend, definitely!

    And I saw your comment on my blog... yes, definitely join us! We are all different ages, from all over the country (and world... one gal joins us from Greece) and are at all different stages of writing (I'm only on my first draft of my first book - so definitely a beginner). But the beauty of The Practice Room is that we are all there to practice and get better as writers, and it is so much easier to write when you have a support system!

    ~ Marisa

  2. I am kind of uber jealous of your solo travels. Many of my friends know that one of my biggest dreams is to runaway to an island for six months and be totally isolated from technology (except some). It would have to be somewhere warm, but not smoldering. I would probably end up writing the whole time though.

    Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, Lyndsay, but I am curious: how did you end up on a post of mine from two months ago?! I am relatively new to blogging too, but I've gotten close to the in crowd (namely the chick above me) and others at The Practice Room. Come join us! It's motivated and relieving at the same time.

  3. Great pictures. I love your flower creations! And you sound like a heroic female. Who says that heroic female protags feel heroic on the inside? Thanks for following!